Grandma’s biscuits

Grandma’s biscuits: a return to the emotions of the past

Grandma’s biscuits: back to the past

These are simple, healthy and genuine biscuits. Perfect for soaking in milk or cappuccino and for this reason very greedy in simplicity.

It’s a classic of Italian pastries. Surely in every part of Italy they will have their own specific name. They are cookies made with the same attention and passion as ever. They tell our childhood.

They are a typical confectionery preparation, with a rather small, more or less decorated shape. With baking in the oven, cookies lose their dough and become crispy. “Crunchiness” is the main feature of cookies by definition of the term “bis-cooked” in fact means “cooked twice”.

If you think of bread, originally, the old one, to be equally consumed, was re-cooked in the oven, perhaps flavored with honey, sugar or spices. From the peculiarity of this preparation, born with the purpose of “recycling”, the current biscuits are derived.

About the ingredients used to make them are very simple recipes. No elaborate raw materials are used. But all the ingredients are quietly found on the shelf of a supermarket or a grocery store.

Grandma’s biscuits: from the origin of the name to the dough

The term biscuit comes from the Latin “panis biscotus” which means “twice cooked bread”. The term stands for a baked cake oven generally prepared with a base of eggs, butter, sugar and flour that can be flavored with spices, fruit and various aromas from classic chocolate to cinnamon, ginger jam, depending on your taste .
Beloved by the smallest and the greatest, the biscuits come in countless forms and innumerable variants such as vanilla, chocolate, coconut and almond biscuits.
Thanks to their simple, genuine mix of eggs, flour and sugar, grandmother cookies are especially loved by children and are traditionally consumed for breakfast or snack.

The dough of cookies can be dense and consistent or slower.

In the first case, it is worn with the rolling pin and the biscuits are obtained through biscuit cutter formins. Or the dough is rolled and sliced ​​with the knife.

In the case instead of a slower dough, this is put in a pastry pocket and biscuits formed through the pockets of the bag at a few. Alternatively they can be formed with the aid of a spoon.

Surely the most loved and prepared are the chocolate biscuits for which there are many variants: biscuits with chocolate drops, vegan chocolate biscuits, and cocoa beans.


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