“Dear Gourmet, Tasting our biscuits is an experience that involves all the senses: from opening the package to having the last bite. We have devoted this experience to everyone who is curious, positive, passionate, healthconscious and always searching for new culinary experiences.”

Francesca Iseppato

Each biscuit...a different mood

Our biscuits have the ability to tell a story and create excitement: a mixture of ingredients to delight the palate and speak to the soul. Just like colours and music, there’s a Le Furezze biscuit for every mood. Each bite offers a
journey through taste that combines what we experience with our senses with what we experience with our emotions.

Territoriality and seasonality

These are the criteria that we choose our ingredients. We give priority to raw materials in our territory that we buy from the producers directly. This allows us to have greater control over the supply chain and to guarantee the quality of our biscuits. However, when it’s not possible, we ensure that the ingredients we use grow in harmony with the climate and soil of the country of origin. This ensures that they maintain the nutritional characteristics and the full taste that distinguishes them.

Certified Organic and Lactose Free

We chose organic certification because we believe is important to ensure that our biscuits are manufactured according to recognized standards that they guarantee on the origin of raw materials, their preparation and packaging of the products.

We maintain a lactose free butter and demerara sugar ratio that keeps the palate clean and ready to savour the flavours of our high-quality selected ingredients: stone-ground flour, 70% cocoa fair trade dark chocolate, medicinal herbs, essential oils and spices.

Gourmet pairings

These choices of delicate flavours and well-balanced ingredients have allowed us to introduce the concept of Gourmet Biscuits. Le Furezze biscuits are products which accompany and enhance the tastes of cured meat, cheese, wine, beers and liqueurs, as well as tea and coffee.

Certified organic
Lactose free

Our biscuits

Lavender Bottoncini

Lavender bottoncini

Harmonious and Relaxing

With Essential Oil of Lavender and Oat Flour Essential Oil of Lavender that helps you to relax, rebalance and free yourself from accumulated stress.
Sweet Moments

Delicious with infusions or herbal teas.
Savoury Moments

Delicious with white beers, champagne or flavoured gins.

Camomile and Orange biscuits

Camomile and orange

Warm and Soothing

With Camomile Flowers and Orange Juice. The Camomile promotes relaxation and calms, while the Orange instils warmth, wellbeing and lightness. Ideal after dinner for the enjoyment of good times.
Sweet Moments

Delicious with hot chocolate, infusions or a glass of sweet wine.

Camomile and Orange

Ginger ronedelle

Sparkling and Sunny

With Essential Oil of Lemon and Turmeric. Essential Oil of Lemon, and Ginger, which together promote the recovery of physical and mental energy. Ideal for a break in the morning or afternoon to regain your strength.

Sweet Moments

Delicious with infusions or herbal teas.
Savoury Moments

Delicious with chutney.

Dark Chocolate and Mint Fettine

Dark chocolate and mint Fettine

Fresh and Lively

With Essential Oil of Peppermint and 70% Dark Chocolate. The essential oil of peppermint stimulates concentration and memory. Ideal during periods of study or intense work.
Sweet Moments 

Delicious with hot chocolate, herbal tea or infusions.
Savoury Moments

Delicious with smoked ham, blue cheese or a glass of Vermouth.

Cinnamon Trancetti

Cinnamon trancetti

Generous and Enveloping

With Almonds and Hazelnuts. The Cinnamon instils an enveloping feeling of warmth. The ideal way to warm up evenings with captivating flavours..
Sweet Moments

Delicious with hot chocolate or herbal tea.
Savoury Moments

Delicious with fortified wine or mature cheese.

Rosewood and Chocolate

Rosewodd and chocolate

Joyful and Comforting

With Essential Oil of Rosewood and 70% Dark Chocolate. The essential Oil of Rosewood lightens the mood and combines with the gratifying effect of the chocolate. Ideal for sharing time with friends and the exchange of quiet confidences.
Sweet Moments 

Delicious with black tea, Amarone wine or fortified wine.

Anise and Licorice Bastoncini

Anise and licorice bastoncini

Aromatic and Intense

With Wholemeal Spelt Flour and Calabrian Liquorice. The digestive properties of the anise combine with the purifying effect of the liquorice. The ideal way to end a meal and accompany coffee.
Sweet Moments

Delicious with coffee, green tea or a glass of Stout beer.

Dark Chocolate and Chili Pepper Fettine

Dark chocolate and chili pepper fettine

Cheeky and Passionate

With Italian Chilli and 70% Dark Chocolate. The mood-enhancing effect of the endorphins, production of which is promoted by the dark chocolate, combines with the aphrodisiac power of chilli. Ideal for stimulating evenings.
Sweet Moments

Delicious with Kolsher beer, hot chocolate or a glass of Porto wine.
Savoury Moments

Delicious with soft cheese or chutney.

Transparency on the packaging

The new packaging expresses positivity, exclusivity, empathy, reflecting the world and philosophy of Le Furezze. Just like the product, the packing also seeks a direct and honest relationship with the consumer, and features a refined use of different colour codes, and finally, the recipes and emotions.

A colour for every emotion


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