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Crafted or packaged sweets? What is the best choice?

For a moment of pleasure, what is more appropriate to indulge in a sweet craft or a packaged one?

Often you have a dilemma: is it better to choose handmade sweets or packaged desserts, take them to the table, try them for a snack or to offer them to friends? Both types of product have pros and cons depending on the food they want to make.

What are the main differences between the two types of sweets?

The handmade sweets are prepared by specialized pastry shops run by professionals and staff who have as their main objective the freshness and personalization of the sweet.

The ingredients used are genuine but, due to their freshness and lack of sweeteners and preservatives, their retention time generally tends to be much shorter than the packaged products, which almost always contain such additives.

This is one of the main points in favor of packaged sweets, especially for those who consider conservation as one of the key factors in choosing a confectionery product.

For the presence of additives, packaged products are often prepared with the aim of maintaining fragrance and compactness over time, even several days after opening the packaging. Of course, this feature is not appreciated by those who prefer natural products and it particularly focuses on the freshness of the ingredients.

Many people are willing to give up on a few days of conservation preferring the consumption of handmade pastries, prepared according to traditional recipes. These are recipes handed down for hundreds of years, or the result of customizing a baked bakery or pastry shop.

One of the advantages in favor of handmade sweets is this too. The possibility of having “tailor-made” foods prepared according to our specifications.

In fact, customers feel more reassured in the presence of an artisan product. Certainly a handicraft product will better express the abilities of confectioners and furnaces compared to a sweet packed.

Are there times when it is preferable to choose packaged desserts?

Packed desserts are a good option when you are forced to use foods that can be stored for longer, or when exotic flavors are sought, can not be easily found at trusted caterers or sweet artisan masters.

Thanks to the confectionery we can experience tastes that we would find it hard to find in our region.

The distribution of packaged sweets often involves import products, which we would otherwise not be able to taste, even in an approximate form than the fresh produce produced at the place of origin.

Moreover, packaged desserts may be the result of the manipulation of more flavors, to which the artisanal sweets may not afford because of the excessive cost of raw materials, and are easier to find on an industrial scale.


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