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Breakfast is the first meal of the day indispensable for dealing with school or work

How to start the day well!

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It is important not only because it makes it possible for a better physical and mental performance, but also because it promotes the possibility of a balanced division of all latret meals, for the sake of our well-being.

Italians, however, can not have breakfast, although it is now proven that those who do not eat in the morning have more difficulty in controlling their weight. And they tend to have a sedentary life and adopt bad habits, which can then lead to serious illness.

More than 8 million people, 17%, completely miss the first meal of the day. While 46%, it is easy to carve out a cappuccino and croissant that still lasts less than ten minutes.

Why is it so important to have breakfast?

A healthy breakfast provides the necessary energy after night-time breaks and allows the body and brain to restart at best thanks to the supply of different nutrients.

During fasting, our body uses the liver sugar reserves that are awakening during the run-up. If we do not refocus with a good breakfast, we go for a compensation mechanism by burning muscle proteins and in lesser amounts of reserve fats to produce energy.

In addition, after prolonged fasting, they tend to eat a large lunch and dinner, resulting in massive energy storage in the form of fat. An adequate breakfast helps to increase the sense of satiety throughout the day, encouraging the regularity of meals.

It is now proven that those who do not have breakfast have more difficulty in controlling their weight and tend to adopt bad habits, which can lead to serious illness.

According to a study conducted by the Harward Medical School, it is believed that those who have breakfast have a low risk of developing obesity than those who jump on it.

Useful tips for good eating habits

  • Dedicate the right time from 10 minutes to half an hour (maybe on public holidays). But how do you find time to do it? Some tips: prepare the clothes, the bag, the backpack of the children the night before; likewise prepare the table with cups, cutlery, glasses, fruit and cereals;
  • Consider breakfast as a pleasant family gathering time, to talk and discuss daily issues and commitments, possibly without a hurry. Breakfast has to become an important appointment to avoid. Or more simply, a moment to devote yourself to yourself, as a daily cuddle, before addressing your everyday commitments. For those who have breakfast at the bar in 10 minutes can alternate it by spending that time for a home-made breakfast, better in the family. Breakfast should be considered one of the main meals along with lunch and dinner and should provide about 20% of the daily calories.

Which foods are best suited to provide calories and energy to our body?

Milk or yogurt to provide protein, vitamins, mineral salts and simple sugars; bread, biscuits or sliced or cereal flakes as a source of complex sugars; fresh fruit or juice to add essentially fiber and vitamins.

Finally you can add some sweetness with honey or jam and a stimulating effect by drinking a cup of coffee or tea.


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