How to start the day well! Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It is important not only because it makes it possible for a better physical and mental performance, but also because it promotes the possibility of a balanced division of all latret meals, for the sake of our well-being. Italians, however, can not have breakfast, although it is now proven that those who do not eat in the morning have more difficulty in controlling their weight. And they tend to have a sedentary

Grandma's biscuits: back to the past These are simple, healthy and genuine biscuits. Perfect for soaking in milk or cappuccino and for this reason very greedy in simplicity. It's a classic of Italian pastries. Surely in every part of Italy they will have their own specific name. They are cookies made with the same attention and passion as ever. They tell our childhood. They are a typical confectionery preparation, with a rather small, more or less decorated shape. With baking in the oven, cookies lose their dough

For a moment of pleasure, what is more appropriate to indulge in a sweet craft or a packaged one? Often you have a dilemma: is it better to choose handmade sweets or packaged desserts, take them to the table, try them for a snack or to offer them to friends? Both types of product have pros and cons depending on the food they want to make. What are the main differences between the two types of sweets? The handmade sweets are prepared by specialized pastry shops run


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