Le Furezze. Delightful. Expressive. Exciting.

Le Furezze biscuits have been created to dispel the myth that “biscuits = greed”, we offer nutritionally balanced and deliciously satisfying products. Our products are the fruit of an attentive sourcing of harmonious ingredients and the passion we put into planning and executing our recipes.

A “Le Furezze” biscuit has the ability to tell a story and create excitement: a mixture of ingredients to delight the palate and speak to the soul.

Lavender Bottoncini

Lavender Bottoncini

Harmonious and Relaxing

With Essential Oil of Lavender and Oat Flour

Camomile and Orange biscuits

Camomile and Orange

Warm and Soothing

With Camomile Flowers and Orange Juice.

Camomile and Orange

Ginger Rondelle

Sparkling and Sunny

With Essential Oil of Lemon and Turmeric

Dark Chocolate and Mint Fettine

Dark Chocolate and Mint Fettine

Fresh and Lively

With Essential Oil of Peppermint and 70% Dark Chocolate

Cinnamon Trancetti

Cinnamon Trancetti

Generous and Enveloping

With Almonds and Hazelnuts

Rosewood and Chocolate

Rosewood and Chocolate

Joyful and Comforting

With Essential Oil of Rosewood and 70% Dark Chocolate

Anise and Licorice Bastoncini

Anise and Licorice Bastoncini

Aromatic and Intense

With Wholemeal Spelt Flour and Calabrian Liquorice

Dark Chocolate and Chili Pepper Fettine

Dark Chocolate and Chili Pepper Fettine

Cheeky and Passionate

With Italian Chilli and 70% Dark Chocolate.


Biscuits creation

The recipes are designed to give us light, digestible products with delicate and evocative tastes. We take our inspiration from the principles of naturopathy and Chinese medicine, which is why we pay attention to both the nutritional properties and the energy characteristics of our ingredients. We maintain a lactose free butter and demerara sugar ratio that keeps the palate clean and ready to savour the flavours of our high-quality selected ingredients: stone-ground flour, 70% cocoa fair trade dark chocolate, medicinal herbs, essential oils and spices. These choices of delicate flavours and well-balanced ingredients have allowed us to introduce the concept of Gourmet Biscuits. Le Furezze biscuits are products which accompany and enhance the tastes of cured meat, cheese, wine, beers and

How we do this

Curiosity and research are what drive us in our quest. For this reason, we strive every day to try out unusual and innovative combinations to tempt all those who seek a different, complete and surprising sensory experience.

FUREZZE lavander

What they say about us

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